Jing'An Shangri-La Afternoon Tea (Lobby Lounge)

Open Hours: 2:00pm – 5:00pm

Phone number: 2203 8889

Price Range: 228rmb + 15% service/one person set

Dress Code: Casual

English Address: 1218 Middle Yan’an Road, Jing’An Kerry Center

Chinese Address: 延安中路1218号,南京西路静安加利中心

Metro: Line 2 Jing’An

Website: http://www.jinganshangdining.com/experience.php?category=lobbylounge

Shangri-La’s Jing’An location is situated in the heart of Shanghai city with the Puli hotel, Kerry Centre, Jiu Guang and the Jing’An temple all in walking distance. This Shangri-La offers afternoon tea in both Liang Café where the wide variety of desserts are all-you-can-eat and the Lobby Lounge where the classic three-tiered sets are served.

Here, my aunt and I were presented the options of Jing’An Shangri-La’s High Tea set, which we were told was more savory and the Classic High Tea set, which had a combination of both sweet and savory. We decided to try the latter, which consisted of three tiers and a cup of coffee/tea (228rmb + 15% service fee). My aunt ordered the café latte that came with the set whereas I separately ordered a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice (68rmb). Keep in mind that the regular orange, mango, pineapple, and grapefruit juice they offer come from store-bought bottles.

Typically savory items are placed on the bottom tier, but in this set, scones and sandwiches are placed on the top two. 

This plate contains: 2 buttermilk scones with king island cream and jam. The scones were a definite let down. I like my scones slightly crispy on the outside, but soft and crumbly on the inside. These were just extremely bland – almost too mushy. 

This plate contains: 2 smoked salmon and cucumber finger sandwiches, 2 roast beef, blue cheese and onion in wheat rolls and 2 bacon and leeks quiches. The finger sandwiches and wheat rolls were standard. The quiches were excellent with its flavorful cheesy-egg filling. 

This plate contains: 2 dandee fruit cakes, 2 figue cassis and 2 cherry vanilla butter cakes. The figue cassis was made as expected, but the fruit cakes and cherry vanilla butter cakes were a bit too sugary for my liking. I would only recommend the bottom plate to a tea-goer with a serious sweet tooth. 

The overall highlight of this afternoon was the friendly service and the quiches. Although the location of this venue is ideal, the quality of the high tea set is extremely disappointing and I’m sure you can get better finger food elsewhere for a similar price.