Light & Salt

Open Hours: Midday-2:30pm (for set lunch) and 6:00pm-10:30pm (for dinner)

Phone number: 6361 1086

Price Range: 150-200rmb

English Address: Rock Bund 6th Floor, 133 Yuanmingyuan Road

Chinese Address: 明园路1336楼,近北京

Metro: Line 2 Nanjing Dong Lu 


Today’s lunch out was with my best friend and her mama. I read some good reviews on Light & Salt so I decided this would be the place to hit while everyone was on lunch break. 

This restaurant, located behind the Peninsula hotel in the building that used to be Shanghai’s old YMCA, embraces the lively 1920s Old Shanghai theme. With its display of designer books, novel household products and stark simplistic décor, this place becomes suitable for lunch with friends, dinner with out of town guests or afternoon tea for some reading and downtime. 

Elements of traditional Chinese decor

Elements of traditional Chinese decor

The lunch menu is broken down into 138rmb for 2 courses and 168rmb for three sources. The starters include smoked duck breast, roasted cauliflower salad, soup or crawfish soy chicken mango salad. Add an extra 30rmb for foie gras pate. The main courses offer red wine braised veal shank, sautéed cod fillet, slow-braised short rib on bone. An extra 30rmb will get you a side of triple-cooked chips with black truffle oil and cheese, tomato ceviche salad or lobster mashed potatoes. Dessert includes fried ice cream, rice pudding, yogurt cheesecake and peanut butter tart. Lunch beverages are 38rmb for alcoholic drinks including red wine, white wine, spirits and champagne and 35rmb for nonalcoholic drinks including lemonade, freshly squeezed juice and coffee/tea. 

I ordered the crawfish, soy chicken and mango salad with avocado, wood-ear mushroom and palm dressing as my starter. 

I was pleased with this dish. Not only was it nicely presented, but its chicken was tender, the avocado, mango and shrimp were fresh and the palm dressing was sweet and zesty.

 My friend and her mom ordered the smoked duck breast with green bean, radish and honey vinaigrette. 

The duck itself is high quality, but the sauce is a bit too sour for our taste.

For my main, I ordered the sautéed cod fillet with orange spinach, pickled artichokes and coconut curry sauce. 

The portion was plenty large and the curry sauce is quite light so the flavor isn’t too overpowering. However, the taste does get it bit boring after awhile.

My friend and her mom ordered the fried beer batter chicken. 

This dish comes as a hearty portion as well with four crispy fried chicken pieces and a small sweet and chili sauce dipping bowl. Sauce was spot on – only downside is there seems to be more skin than chicken.  

For dessert we ordered the yogurt cheesecake topped with vanilla ice cream and fruit. 

We like our cheesecake slightly creamy with a crumbly graham cracker crust and we were delighted to find out that their cakes are just that.

The friendly couple sitting next to us ordered a plate of taste tester desserts. 

With dry ice oozing out from the holes of the double-layered plate, the presentation of this dish is both impressive and innovative. Featured in this taste tester plate include fried ice cream, cheesecake and rice pudding. I will definitely be trying this the next time I come.

Overall, the highlight of this restaurant is the hipster décor, the creative food presentation and of course the desserts. They have a terrace so you can book outdoor seating if the weather is nice.