Lanna Coffee

Open Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00AM-7:00PM; Sat-Sun 10:00AM-7:00PM

Price Range: 20-30rmb

English Address: 8 Yuyuan East Road

Chinese Address: 静安区愚园东路8号

Metro: Line 2 or 7 Jing'An 


You know me - desperately looking for a pick-me-up when 1PM rolls around and I can't seem to muster up the energy to finish office work. Lucky for me, I found Lanna Coffee the second day into work and I've been getting my daily fix of Yunnan coffee beans every afternoon from there ever since.

Their shop is a hole in the wall located in a narrow alleyway behind the United Plaza office building, walking distance from the Ritz Carlton Hotel. I love how all the beans here are locally sourced and roasted from Yunnan, not to mention their selection of pastries and bagels.

Brief overview of their menu: Espresso (18rmb), Macchiato (20rmb), Americano (18rmb), Cappuccino (22rmb) and Mocha (24rmb). Their slow bar include: Cold Brew (30rmb), French Press (32rmb), Hand Drip (34rmb) and Siphon (36rmb). 

Can't get enough? Purchase a bag of their specialty beans to brew at home. 

Can't get enough? Purchase a bag of their specialty beans to brew at home. 

If coffee isn't your thing, they also offer teas like Lemongrass (26rmb) and Mint Green Tea (26), sandwiches like Bacon + Egg + Cheddar (38rmb) and baked goodies like croissants and chocolate chip cookies. 

I regularly order their Latte because they're one of the only coffee places in Shanghai I can find that offer skim milk upon request. 

Strong and bitter, just the kind of coffee I like. Prices are a bit cheaper than Starbucks and flavoring is more authentic (aka not watered down). 

Overall, highlights of this place include its addicting coffee and its friendly service. The cashiers and baristas are always smiling, which is more than enough to kick start my day. Tip: they offer a card that helps you accumulate stamps, where every four stamps earns you a little perk like upgrading your beverage size.