naked BITE

Phone Number: 3356 6007

Price Range: 80-120RMB/person for set lunch 

English Adress: 297 Wu Yuan Rd (near Wukang Rd) 

Chinese Address: 五原路297号, 近武康路

Metro: Line 10 Shanghai Library 

Finally found some time to drop by naked BITE, a place I’ve been wanting to try for awhile now. Opened by the same guy who created naked Stables (who by the way I think is a genius), this joint supposedly serves healthy food in an artsy-earthy atmosphere.

We opted for their lunch set, which comes with a starter, soup, main (your choice), side salad and dessert for 88rmb. Throw in another 20rmb and that’ll get you a choice of a soft drink or iced tea.

First came the Seared Salmon Salad.

The salad came with mixed greens, chopped onions, broccoli, mushrooms and pickles with pieces of seared salmon on top. Salmon was standard but the zesty accompanying vinaigrette was what won us over.

Next we had the Roast Beef Sandwich.

Chewy roasted beef paired with pickle, leaves, a mildly sweet mayo, sandwiched between two slices of slightly toasted baguette.

Both of our sets came with a light mushroom soup, seaweed salad (my favorite) and a small plate of sliced fruit. 

My iced tea 

My iced tea 

Overall, highlights of this restaurant include the chic interior design and the reasonably priced lunch set they offer. The food was standard, but everything went down light (which I appreciated) and the vibe of the place makes it an ideal area to lounge about for a few hours if you’re looking to catch up with a friend.  

PS: They use belts as toilet paper holders, it's really the cutest thing ever

Opt for the outdoor terrace if weather permits 

Opt for the outdoor terrace if weather permits