Boom Boom Bagels

Phone Number: 150 2140 8818

Price Range: 35-60rmb 

English Address:  39 Anfu Road, near Changshu Road 

Chinese Address: 安福路39号,近常熟路

Metro: Line 1 or 7 Changshu Road 


The one thing I love more than my morning carbs on carbs bagel is…you guessed it, a bagelwich. Been pretty deprived ever since my return to Shanghai (let’s face it, it ain’t a local favorite here), so I was excited to get my hands on one of their signature orders.

The little joint sits on the quiet street of Anfu, not far from Enoterra. With high seat cement tables, rusty wired lights and a windowless front entrance, this speakeasy lounge seems like a hybrid of a café and a bar. Seating is a bit crowded so you might be bumping elbows with your neighbor, but the people are lax and the menu is quite interesting.

Decided to give Sailor Legs a go.

Generous portions of smoked salmon paired with chopped olives and red onions, slathered in their hummus and ricotta, sandwiched between a toasted parmesan bagel. All I can say is, moreeeee please. Boom Boom’s bagels are a lot less dense than your typical American bagels, so the bread comes out a lot crispier when toasted (aka I can get onboard with that!). Salmon was pretty fresh, but they really killed it with the hummus and ricotta sauce combo, which gave everything an extra kick.   

I was extremely impressed with this bagelwich order and you can bet your lucky stars I’llbe back to try other selections on their menu. Perhaps I’ll be more adventurous next time and try one of their crazier creations now that I know they are a legit front-runner in the Shanghai bagel scene.