Henkes (Brunch)

Open Hours: Weekends and Public Holidays 11:00AM-5:00PM for brunch; Open Daily 10:00AM-11:00PM 

Phone Number: 3253 0889

Price Range: 100-200rmb/person

English Address: Reel Mall 1/F, 1601 Nanjing Xi Road, near Chang De Road

Chinese Address: 南京西路1601号1楼,近常德路

Metro: Line 2 or 7 Jing’An 

Website: www.henkes.com.cn

*Please note this was an arranged taste testing

Brunch is my weakness and everyone knows it – that’s why you could imagine my delight when Henkes agreed to a late afternoon Sunday taste testing.

Arrived at the busy scene around 1ish and were thankful we made reservations. It’s quite easy to see this place is a family favorite with kids eating their cotton candy on high stools and parents chatting over their boozy brunch dishes. The restaurant has a sleek black and gray modern interior with dark oak wood furniture and plenty of couches to laze on, giving off a chic living room vibe. They’ve got a large outdoor patio that guests should utilize if weather permits and of course, you’ve got signature Craig Willis white chalk on blackboard menus. 

First, we started off with drinks: Fresh Lime Lemonade and Orange Juice. 

Lime Lemonade and Orange Juice 

Lime Lemonade and Orange Juice 

We loved that the lemonade was refreshingly light and the orange juice was freshly squeezed.

As a dedicated eggs benny fan, I had to give theirs a try. You have the choice of ordering with bacon, smoked salmon, spinach or all the above (they call it “the lot”). If I'm on the hunt for Shanghai’s best eggs Benedict, might as well give “the lot” a shot. 

Generous portions of spinach on top of two crispy slices of fried bacon (with just enough fatty) and smoked salmon. Eggs were poached nicely so that the yolk gently oozed out on top of two thickly, toasted English muffins with a gentle poke of a fork. Well done, Henkes. It’s been a long and tedious search, but I’ve finally locked down one of my favorite eggs benny locations in Shanghai.    

Next, we had their French Toast. 

Delighted with their crispy outer exterior drizzled in maple syrup and light lemon curd. Even more excited to discover the thick, fluffy interior with detectable traces of nutmeg, cinnamon and egg-y goodness.

Next, we had their Breakfast Pizze with Pancetta, Sausage, Egg, Mozzarella and Tomato. 

Interesting combination of mozzarella with egg – we’re fans. We’d say the sauce would do better if it were stronger in flavor, but we appreciated the thin crust and creamy cheese paired with pancetta and crispy chopped sausages. Do note that this order is quite heavy, so I'd recommend either sharing it with a friend or ordering if you're really hungry. 

At last, when we thought our feast was over, our friendly waiter sent over a surprise for us: their Fruit Salad with Organic Yoghurt and Granola. 

Organic yogurt and eggs benny in the same brunch? That’s the dreammmm. Thick, creamy Greek yogurt with generous portions of fruit, sprinkled with chewy granola. And that’s a wrap kids, need to go out and buy myself a new belt.

Just kidding, we ordered one more Shirley Temple before calling it a day. 

Overall highlights of Henkes is honestly, well…everything. Amicable service, classy modern interior design and most importantly, strong execution of staple brunch dishes. Quite possibly one of my favorite brunch destinations in Shanghai to date. Gold star, Henkes, gold star.