Open Hours: Daily 7:00AM-8:00PM

Price Range: 40-80rmb/person  

English Address: Ferguson Lane, 1/F, 378 Wukang Road near Tai’an Road

Chinese Address: 武康路378号1楼,近泰安路

Website: www.farine-bakery.com

Metro: Line 10 Shanghai Library

I’ll go to great lengths for my foodie adventures, especially if it involves a fix of my morning coffee and carbs. Since I live an hour away from the city, it took me 12 subway stops, 2 transfers and 8 minutes of walking to get to Farine, but I’m proud to say I have #noregrets.

Arrived just around the time they started bringing out their first few batches of freshly baked bread and already a queue of morning risers had formed. I was instantly charmed by the boutique bakery interior, with its tiled white walls heavily contrasting the dark oak high tables and bar stools. Chalk sketched menus hang above glass boxes displaying their selection of pastries and bags of white flour line the floor as you make your way to the cash register.

If you arrive there early enough for breakfast, be sure to take advantage of their breakfast set that gives you a combo of a cup of coffee and a pastry.

I had their Café Latte. 

Prices here are steep (I’m talking 40rmb for a cup of Joe here), but I’m a sucker for latte art and they do such a great job of presentation.

Their Croissant. 

Flakiest croissant I’ve had thus far in Shanghai. Less crisp than Angelina’s, but more buttery – highly recommended.

Their Ham and Cheese Sandwich. 

Contrary to most Asian taste buds, I actually prefer hard, starchy breads instead of the soft, creamy kinds commonly found here. That’s why I got all excited when I saw this sandwich on display. Baguette is baked until crunchy on the outside and warm and moist on the inside, served with slices of Parisian ham and Emmental cheese. Note: not normally a fan of cheese, but this had a subtly smooth, nutty flavor.

My intention was to get one of their Beaujolais, but logic dictates that two is better than one, right? 

Bite-sized bread rolls with a mix of walnuts and dried raisins. More pleaseeeee

Finished the breakfast feast off with their famous Lemon Passion Tart. 

This one’s for all you folks who love lemon tarts like me. Tangy, thinly whisked lemon custard infused with distinct traces of passion fruit served on a crumbly, delicate shortbread crust. Officially my favorite place for a lemon tart pick-me-up.  

Left Farine with an empty wallet, but full stomach and a big fat smile. This place is one of the most authentic French bakeries I’ve encountered so far in Shanghai and if I lived closer I would probably be a regular. Prices aren’t the most ideal so I would highly recommend going for their breakfast set. Seating here is limited so most people will order to go, but there is a large picnic table right outside if you’re down for sharing some space with others while sipping your espresso.