Open Hours: Daily 11:00AM-2:00PM & 4:00PM-9:00PM

Phone Number: 6288 8773

Price Range: 40-100RMB

English Address: 408 Shanxi Bei Road near Beijing Xi Road

Chinese Address: 陕西北路408号,近北京西路

Metro: Line 2 Nanjing Xi Road

When I heard newly opened Viennese eatery, Daliah, incorporated swings as their seats and a gigantic metal slide as their interior centerpiece, I immediately added it to my crammed list of pre departure last-minute-must-go-places. Forgive me, I get too easily intrigued by these kinds of things. 

With a jam-packed restaurant schedule, we were only able to make it for a quick afternoon tea bite, but that was enough for us to fall in love with the place. Dangling single bulbs, concrete paved waves, and all white furniture make for a minimalistic vibe. And as promised: swings, rocking chairs and tree stump stools scatter the place giving off a fun, quirky atmosphere. Even on a Sunday, this place is packed to the brim with kids running around and swings bumping into your chair – you’ve been warned.

Brb dying of cuteness

Brb dying of cuteness

Their emoji menus are mad cute with playful descriptions and commentary. We went for their Cookie Monster Shake. 

Chocolate shake is creamy in texture and subtle in sweetness. Comes with a scoop of chocolate ice cream served with whipped cream and sprinkles – we’re all for it.

Next we had their Mango Smoothie. 

Very disappointed to say the least. Watery and tasteless, you’re better off ordering something else.

We also got their Cafe Rose Latte and Americano. 

Left: Cafe Rose; Right: Americano 

Left: Cafe Rose; Right: Americano 

Café Rose Latte was less exciting than anticipated, but Americano was brewed with Lanna’s Yunan coffee beans (which y’all know are my favorite) and smelled lovely. 

For sweets we had the Sacher Torte. 

Typical Viennese chocolate cake with apricot jam and dark chocolate icing served with a side of cream. This slice goes down surprisingly light, though it would do better if it were moister. We stand by the one we tried in Vienna.

Their Sour Cream Chocolate Raspberry Tart. 

Crowd pleaser indeed. We loved the sour cream and rich chocolate paired with the graham cracker tart crust and strong traces of raspberry flavoring. We devoured this one and proceeded to have another – we recommend you do the same.

I was excited to see that newly trending ice cream shop, Gracie’s, has found it’s way to Daliah. With their own little ice cream cart in the store, I decided to order their peanut butter ice cream.

Hmmm, smooth and buttery – recommended. 

So there you have it folks, my dream café interior design sitting assumingly on the edge of Shanxi Bei Road. Some orders can be a hit or miss, but I would definitely recommend coming here just for the atmosphere. 

I have yet to try their lunch/brunch menu, but that’ll be on the list next time I visit Shanghai. So for now, goodbye Shanghai and hellooooooo London!