Uncle No Name Espresso

Open Hours: Mon-Sun 9:00AM-9:00PM

Phone Number: 6236 1220  

Price Range: 20-30RMB

English Address: 931 Nanjing Xi Road

Chinese Address: 南京西路931号

Metro: Line 2 Nanjing Xi Road 

Hidden behind shrubs and greenery, this mini café is located behind the huge Nanjingxi road Uniqlo on Wujiang road. Limited seating inside, but lots of space on their adorable outdoor patio. 

I had their Cappuccino with steamed whole milk using their Columbia, Tanzania and El Salvador espresso blend. 

Decent blend, but not as strong or bitter as I normally like my coffee.

Baristas are extremely friendly and I was happy to lounge around for an hour reading their Monocle magazine selection.