The Public

Open Hours: Mon-Fri 11:00am-2am; Sat-Sun 10:30am-3:00am (for brunch menu)

Phone Number: 6417 1679

Price Range: 80-120rmb

English Address: 2/F, 174 Xiangyang Nan Lu

Chinese Address: 襄阳南路1742

Metro: Line 10 or Line 1 Shaanxi Nan Lu


With the grand opening of IAPM mall and the instant flood of new big shot restaurants emerging in the HuaiHai area, it’s easy to forget about the nearby eats. But, nestled on the second floor above a Lasagna restaurant sits The Public. 

Upon entering, the warm aroma of fried chicken wafts through the air and it feels like we’ve walked into a homey, all American styled living room. Here, it’s all about the cozy, Southern comfort. One side of the wall is covered with different geometrically shaped framed mirrors and the other is decorated with shelves of bottled liquor. Hint: if you get there early, try to snag the big couches to laze on. 

There's even a fully stocked bar on the left. 

During lunch hours, the Public offers three types of reasonably priced set menus. Here’s how it works: Set A offers a choice of any soup, half a salad and one drink (78rmb); Set B offers a choice of sandwich or slider, a small salad/slide and one drink (88rmb); Set C offers a choice of fried chicken or any burger, a small salad, a side and one drink (108rmb).

We ordered a Classic Pastrami Sandwich with Fried Spicy Potato Wedges (90rmb).  

Everything about this sandwich is on point. Beef brisket is brined, smoked and steamed for four days until tender and juicy, Italian country bread is toasted and warm. Though the potato wedges were a bit of a let down. Overall, highly recommend this order.

Next, we had the Le Big Mac with Sweet Potato Fries (100rmb).  

Only real notable thing about this burger was the fresh vegetables. The Australian beef patty was mediocre and the house-made Thousand Island dressing was a bit much.

Of course, we couldn’t come to The Public and not order their Southern specialty – fried chicken; portions come in half or full. We opted for the Nashville Spicy Fried Chicken (100rmb). 

Lucky for us the legendary fried chicken at The Public lived up to its name. The chicken turned out to be finger-lickingly tasty with the batter being extra crispy and the chicken meat being juicy and tender. Highly recommend any of their fried chicken orders, I don’t think you can go wrong with any of them.  

Lastly, we had The Public’s Chicken Apple Sliders with Sweet Potato Fries.

Not a fan of the sweet potato fries, but the sliders were a winner for me. The patties were made from house-made chicken apple sausages and were topped with apple slices and avocado remoulade. The patties were surprisingly tender and the remoulade was a creamy dream. I would order this again. 

Love how they even make their own hot sauce, garlic sauce and ketchup. 

Love how they even make their own hot sauce, garlic sauce and ketchup. 

We finished our meals off with espressos (28rmb).  

Overall highlight in two words: extremely satisfied. I took some close family friends here not knowing what to expect, but today’s food impressed even my dad (who is very picky about what he likes). Be sure to order the fried chicken and Classic Pastrami Sandwich if you plan on making a visit.  

Liquid Laundry

Open Hours: 11:00am-midnight from Sun-Thurs; 11am-2:00am from Fri-Sat

Phone number: 6445 9589  

Price Range: 100-200rmb  

English Address: 1028 Huaihai Middle Road/2F

Chinese Address: 淮海中路1028号嘉2

Metro: Line 10 or 1 Shaanxi Nan Lu  


Located across the new IAPM mall, Liquid Laundry has only been up and running for a few months but its already all the hype. I first decided to check out this gastropub when I was out for lunch with my co-workers. I ended up loving the concept and food so much (not sure which one more – the lines got blurry) that I brought my friends here today.  

Upon entering the rustic restaurant, I walked right into the lounging area located next to the cocktail bar with a vintage light-bulb “Liquid” sign hanging on the wall next to the selection of cocktails available. 

With pattern printed sofas, rope-weaved lounge chairs, black studded coffee tables and low-hung glass lights, the area gave off a modern, yet quirky vibe. 

We settled for a seat close to the windows overlooking Donghu Lu. I was handed a menu that was plastered on a laundry board (Igetitnow), which featured all your staple American cuisines including a selection of cleverly named pizzas, mixed salads, burgers, roasted meats, soups and sandwiches. 

Their menu is attached to a washboard, how cute! 

Their menu is attached to a washboard, how cute! 

They have three kinds of set lunches where 70rmb will get you homemade bread paired with ¼ of a roasted chicken and your choice of side, 95rmb will get you a soup or salad with a main dish of pizza and 130rmb will get you homemade bread with ½ of a roasted chicken and your choice of side. Both chicken lunch sets come with your choice of “original”, “licked”, “BBQ” or “hot as shit” sauce.

Last time I came I ordered the ¼ chicken lunch set and was surprised with how much I enjoyed it. I’m not typically a fan of roasted chicken, but the meat was tender and the “hot as shit” sauce didn’t disappoint – for a 70rmb meal I was pretty satisfied. Today I decided to take a chance with the normal menu and ordered the Scottish smoked salmon with bagel chips (98rmb). 

The salmon was fresh and the bagel chips were baked, salted and crisped but the portion was much smaller than expected and not very filling. Not worth a red Chairman Mao in my opinion.

Although the pizza combo is supposed to come with a soup/salad, they were kind enough to switch the starter to homemade bread upon request. 

Next came the “Got Wood?” pizza, which consisted of smoked chicken, arugula pesto and mozzarella. 

Fresh out of the wood fired oven, this miniature pizza tasted as good as it smelled. With its crispy crust and tender chicken, this order was definitely a winner. 

We also ordered a “Mr. Green Pants” pizza that was topped with zucchini, squash, roasted onions, eggplant, sundried tomatoes goat’s cheese. The vegetables were well seasoned and the serving was just enough to satisfy the appetite.

Overall, the highlight of this pub is the pizza lunch combo, which includes a freshly oven baked pizza accommodated with your choice of salad, soup or bread. With its stark, hipster atmosphere, I can definitely see why there’s been such a big buzz about this place – and the cute suspender/white collared outfits that the waiters don’t hurt either.