Open Hours: 10am-10pm

Phone Number: 6346 3903

Price Range: 268rmb + 10% service fee (for one person)  

Dress Code: Casual 

English Address: K11 Art Mall, 300 Hua Hai Zhong Lu 

Chinese Address: 300淮海中路K11艺术中心2210

Metro: Line 1 Huangpi Nan Lu


After a four month dry spell from afternoon tea due to my busy college schedule, I felt like I was up for something fancy. After browsing around some quirky K11 shops, we settled on having tea at Cova located on the second floor.

At Cova, delicacy is key. The Milano pastry shop was originally found in 1817 and immediately garnered its success through the hype it received among the aristocratic class. Decorated in the central theme colors of gold and ivory white, paired with petite tables and cushioned chairs, Cova is the perfect place to have high tea if you’re looking for a quick, classy affair.

The small pamphlet menu offers a variety of food including main dishes such as lobster risotto, spaghehttini with prawns, grilled veal and wagyu beef stew. There are even appetizers like prime beef tartar and soups like crab bisque. But when it comes to Cova, everyone knows dessert is what we’re vying for. Can't decide which dessert to try? Answer: try them all. We ordered the 1817 Cova High Tea set that came with a complimentary cup of coffee or pot of tea.

The presentation of this set is actually a work of art, with each item so carefully and meticulously crafted. We spent so much time admiring the food that it actually took us a good 20minutes before we had the heart to eat it. 

The bottom tier consisted of several finger sandwiches including cucumber with egg, shrimp, tomato and salmon with olive. 

Among the four choices, the salmon with olive finger sandwich was my favorite, particularly because the salmon was so skillfully sculpted into the shape of a rose.

The top tier contains mini taste tester versions of tartufini, mimose, tiramisu tart, choux pastry, etc. 

The chocolate tart sprinkled in hazelnut bits was one of my favorites. The thick, rich chocolate contrasted well with the hard tart shell. 

The tiramisu tart was another favorite. The cream was not overwhelming and the bitterness of the cocoa and coffee flavor was just right. This is Cova's signature dessert dish and it really does live up to its name. I would recommend this to those of you who have less of a sweet tooth like me. 

I was actually delighted to find that all the mini tarts within the top tier had been painted with a thin coat of chocolate inside. It definitely adds a kick of flavor to the tart - hmmm chocolate. 

As for drinks, I chose the Royal Breakfast tea (88rmb) that came with the tea set. My aunt ordered her usual Caffe Latte (68rmb) and my grandma ordered a Caffe Moka. 

Right: Caffe Latte; Left: Caffe Moka 

Right: Caffe Latte; Left: Caffe Moka 

Overall, the highlights of this visit are too many to count. The convenience of the location and elegance of the interior decor make it an ideal place to bring friends, family or even a date. The finger food and dessert taste just as good as their presentation. Service may not be Peninsula standards, but I will definitely be coming back in the near future. 

Xuan (Weekend Brunch)

Open Hours: 10:00am-3:00pm

Phone number: 2310 1700

Price Range: 80-100rmb  

English Address: Andaz Shanghai, 1/F, 88 Songshan Lu near Taicang Lu

Chinese Address: 嵩山路88号上海安达仕酒店一楼靠近太

Dress Code: Casual

Metro: Line 10 Xintiandi or Line 1 Huangpi Nan Lu


If Friday nights are reserved for going out, then Saturday mornings are dedicated to brunch therapy. That’s probably the only motivation I had for dragging myself out of bed today. It was the last time I’d be able to grab a bite with my best friend before she jetted off to Taiwan for her summer job.

 Xuan is attached to the eccentric Japanese hotel, Andaz, known for its odd sculptures, modern interior design and high-tech bathrooms (I’m not kidding check out their sick toilets that have a million functions). Xuan’s weekend brunch deals are surprisingly reasonable considering the restaurant’s location sits at the heart of the Xintiandi area. It was a bit too warm outside today to sit on their nice patio, so we grabbed a seat inside next to the window instead. 

The menu is pretty much your brunch standard. You’ve got your sweets including buttermilk pancakes, French toast and waffles all priced at 42rmb. Then, you got a selection of organic egg-based dishes including eggs Benedict (68rmb), ham and tomato omelette (68rmb), scrambled eggs with salmon on bread (78rmb), crepe with egg sunny side up (78rmb) and vegetable quiche (58rmb). They offer a brunch plate (88rmb) for those of you who can’t make up your mind, which consists of smoked salmon, eggs Benedict, an English muffin and French toast. They’ve even got local sets that offer dumplings, rice cakes and Chinese pancakes. 

I ordered the scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on rye bread with roasted tomato. 

Comes with a complimentary side of salad

Comes with a complimentary side of salad

The salmon was fresh, the eggs were cooked to my liking and the rye bread was slightly toasted. The portion was slightly smaller than expected so don't expect this to fill you up if you're really hungry. 

If you're looking for an eggy-crepe, this is a winner.

If you're looking for an eggy-crepe, this is a winner.

My friend ordered the crepe with ricotta cheese, black truffle and egg sunny side up. The presentation was adorable, the egg was just runny enough and the crepe was baked to a nice crispy golden brown.  

 To add to our delight, an additional 10rmb per person got us both bottomless tea/coffee of our choice (normally priced at 50rmb). 

Saturdays at Xuan are surprisingly quiet, so it’s a good place to chat or cure a mild hangover. They’ve got two outdoor patios so I definitely recommend you to take advantage of outdoor seating if weather permits. 

Also, something to keep a look out for: sometimes (like today), Andaz hosts a marketplace where booths are set up next to the outdoor patio and guests can purchase cupcakes, ice cream, Strictly cookies, fruit drinks, Shanghai postcards, Mexican burritos, bags of nuts and pastries.

Overall, the highlight of this experience was the affordable yet delicious brunch, the relaxed atmosphere, the friendly service and the option of being seated outside. I will definitely be brunching here in the future.