Flour & Bakery Cafe

Open Hours: Mon-Fri 7:00am-8:00pm; Sat 8:00am-6:00pm ;Sun 9:00am-5:00pm

Phone number: 617 437 7700

Price Range: $5-$15 

Address: 131 Clarendon Street, MA 20116 

Website: www.flourbakery.com 

T Station: Orange Line Back Bay or Green Line Copley 

A quiz, midterm and project coming up this week before I leave on Thursday for my case comp, yet somehow I still find myself sitting at this cafe chewing on my second oatmeal cookie and chatting with the different people who come in and out. Let's face it, today's weather has been the warmest it's been in the last few weeks aka my face doesn’t hurt when I walk outside. Besides, I wasn't going to pass up an opportunity to get off campus and have a little time to myself before the busy week proceeds.

I've been meaning to try out this place for awhile now, but just never got the chance with all the blizzards snowing me in (pleaseee Boston, no more). Upon entering, I instantly became a fan of the quirky bubble lights, the playful chalk written menu and the full window-paneled walls that let the warm sunlight flood in. Seems less like a place to study and more of a place to chat and catch up. 

Salad menu includes kale (with tuscan bean, mozzarella, focaccia), quinoa (roasted veggies, tofu, spinach) and chopped Greek (lemon-thyme chicken and green goddess dressing). Sandwich menu consists of items such as smoked turkey, lemon-caper tuna, applewood-smoked bacon, breakfast egg, etc. Drinks vary from coffees to chia lattes to black/green/herbal teas. As for their bakery, they offer cookies like oatmeal raisin, peanut butter, double chocolate and chocolate chip as well as sticky buns, muffins, rolls, tarts, cakes and pies. 

I ordered the Roast Chicken, Mashed Avocado with Jicama.

Loved the avocado spread and how tenderly seasoned the roast chicken was. The jicama gave it a nice, slightly sweet kick. Also liked that I got a choice of white or whole white bread. Would definitely recommend. 

I also gave the French Roast coffee a shot. 

Coffee here is pretty standard. 

And of course, can't finish without ending on a sweet note. I ordered two of their Oatmeal Raison Cookies. 

All I can say is: these cookies made the trek downtown worth it. Crispy outer edges with a chewy soft center. Who needs coffee during midterm season when I can have these to fuel me?! 

Think I'm in love with their takeaway doggy bags

Think I'm in love with their takeaway doggy bags

Overall, the highlights of this visit include the colorful eccentric atmosphere, their wide variety of sandwich options (some of which are vegetarian, nut free or diary free) and of course their bakery items. The service here is extremely amicable and I'll definitely be returning with a good book in hand when the weather outside becomes more bearable.