Open Hours: Sun-Fri 4:00PM-11:00PM; Sat 2:00PM-11:00PM

Phone number: 617 723 6273

Price Range: $33/person for restaurant week (not including tax and tip)

Address: 135 Richmond Street


T Station: Green/Orange Line Haymarket Station, Blue Line Aquarium Station, Purple/Green/Orange Line North Station

On Wednesdays we eat seafood…lots and lots of seafood. North End may be a trek, but we’re willing to do pretty much anything when it comes to restaurant week. When our Uber arrived at this place, I was surprised to find how small the actual restaurant was (hint: make reservations beforehand). But they say good things come in small packages and I had a good feeling about dinner when I stepped in and got a whiff of what they were cooking.

Upon being seated, we got right down to business. Our first appetizer was the 3 Oysters (chef’s choice) and 3 Cherrystone Clams.

I’ll say the oysters, with their somewhat mild brininess, were a hit, but the cherrystone clams were way too salty for me.

Our second appetizer was the Sauteed Mussels.

Yes sir, I’ll have some more of that. Mussels were lightly cooked in olive oil, garlic and white wine. We liked the mild spiciness, which gave it a little extra kick.

For main, my friend ordered the Rock Crab Spaghetti.

Nice sized portion that came with fresh shrimp, clams, scallops and crab. Note: the crab was a bit hard to maneuver so don’t go wearing a white shirt if you’re planning on getting this.

 I ordered the Stuffed Calamari.

The outer calamari shell was delightfully chewy while the inner mix of lobster, clam, scallop and shrimp was lightly seasoned with a lemon zest; accompanying broccoli rabe was a bit too greasy for my liking. Portions may look small, but don’t be deceived, this was actually quite filling. Would definitely recommend this dish.

Finished it off with a slice of their Tiramisu.

Having had authentic Italian tiramisu last summer, I can be a pretty harsh critic when it gets down to it (so just keep that in mind). Although relatively standard, I do have to say their tiramisu is one of the better ones I’ve had so far in Boston. Texture is quite fluffy and the coffee amaretti and mascarpone are rather light so you don’t feel weighed down after having so much seafood.

We also had their Flourless Chocolate Cake.

You’d think that eating flourless cake would be madness, but I’m quite surprised to report that they do a darn good job of it. The cake was pleasantly light and paired nicely with rich chocolate ganache and hazelnut gelato. Recommended.

Overall highlights of this place include the busy, but intimate atmosphere and their seafood. Options are definitely pricey so I’d make sure you brought good company with you for this dining experience.