Wharf Sea Grille

Open Hours: Mon-Fri 6:30AM-10:00PM; Sat-Sun 7:00AM-10:00PM 

Phone number: 617 856 7744

Price Range: $33/person for restaurant week (not including tax and tip)

Address: 70 Rowes Wharf 

Website: www.roweswharfseagrille.com 

T Station: Blue Line Aquarium Station

For my suite of four to gather around the same table for a meal is extremely rare. Was it a special occasion? Well, certainly…restaurant week is a “special enough” excuse for us. After a struggle-bus week trying to get back into the routine of school, it was nice getting away and spending some quality time with the girls.

Situated on the first floor of the Boston Harbor Hotel, the blue and white nautical-themed restaurant seats you right next to the docks so you’re sure to have a nice view of the port. The hostess was all smiles as she seated us at our table where we eagerly made our orders.

 Our bread basket was first to arrive and gotta say, we couldn’t get enough of their warm, freshly baked corn bread.

First appetizer we tried was the Maine Lobster Bisque. 


We were a tad disappointed that there was only one shrimp dumpling (less is definitely not more), but we liked the light yet creamy texture of the soup.

Next we had the Pan Seared Silver Hake Cakes.


The dish came with sweet corn, peas and a touch of tomato essence. It was quite meh – I’ve definitely tasted better elsewhere so I wouldn’t recommend getting it here.

For main, we ordered the Grilled Prime Filet Mignon.

Meat was grilled until tender and juicy and the accompanying golden potato cake was a nice crispy side. Recommended.  

My friend decided to opt out of the restaurant week menu and ordered her own entrée of Bucatini Pasta.


Snaps to her for taking the risk because this dish was probably one of the highlights of our night. Drizzled garlic sauce was light, but memorable.

For dessert we had the Warm Spiced Pear Cake.


Pretty standard, but paired nicely with the vanilla bean gelato.

 We also had the Dark Chocolate Pave.

Guess some places do like to save the best for last because this was the winner of the night. With an initial thick, velvety chocolate texture that eventually melts in your mouth, this desserts sits between the lines of mousse and cake. Rich in dark cocoa, yet not too overwhelming. Our whole suite gave this a thumbs up.

Overall highlights of this restaurant include the scenic harbor view, amicable staff and chocolate dessert though I will admit most of the $$$ you’re forking over contributes more or less to the view rather than the food. But regardless, this place is a classic if you're looking to treat visiting friends and family out for a nice meal. Next time we come, we'll be looking to try their famous afternoon tea by the harbor.