Budapest Adventures Part III

New York Café

Open Hours: Mon-Sun 9:00AM-Midnight

Phone Number: +36 1 8866 167

Address: 1073 Budapest Erzsébet krt. 9-11.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think I just found the most beautiful café in the world – literally. Located in the Boscolo Hotel, New York Café is a culmination of ornate décor from all over the world, with its ceilings covered in frescoes done in the mid-XIX century and columns adorned by golden stucco work.

Of course we flipped right to the dessert menu seeing as they well known for their afternoon tea drinks and cakes. Our first order was the Cheesecake with Apricot Preserve.

Thick and creamy cheese filling, but the crust was a bit lacking.  

My cousin ordered the Opera Cake.

The combination of ganache, chocolate glaze, coffee syrup and buttercream was a bit too sweet to handle, definitely suited for someone who’s got a sweet tooth for coffee and chocolate flavoring.

Next we had the Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream.

Sweet apple and cinnamon filling a with a scoop of melting vanilla bean ice cream on top – would recommend.

Lastly, for dessert we ordered the Summer Ice Cream Cup.

This order comes with one scoop of passion fruit, one scoop of raspberry and one scoop of lemon ice cream topped with fruit and whipped cream. Probably one of our favorite orders – would recommend.

As for drinks we had the Americano that came as a set, which was quite standard.

We also had the Créme Brulée Iced Coffee.

Overall, their desserts seem to be nothing out of the ordinary, but the ambiance/environment here is absolutely stunning. Do make a trip down here if you're ever in Budapest even if it's only for a simple cup of coffee (prices here are also quite reasonable) because the decorations here are definitely worth enjoying. Although this place has a lot of seating, it’s always safer to make a reservation ahead of time or else you may be asked to wait 10-20minutes.