Dishoom (Breakfast)

Open Hours: Mon-Thurs 8:00AM-11:00PM; Fri 8:00AM-midnight; Sat 9:00AM-midnight; Sun 9:00AM-11:00PM

Address: 12 Upper St. Martin’s Lane


Phone Number: 020 7420 9320

Tube: Covent Garden station

Consequences of being friends with me? Well, for one, I’m not sorry at all for dragging you up at 9AM on a Sunday to eat Indian brunch and two, no you may not touch your food until I’m done with the photos.

But then when the food’s good and my lame jokes make you chuckle, you kinda, sorta forgive me a little for compromising your sleep schedule. Besides, you know you can’t make a trip to London without having a meal at the famed Dishoom.

Lines at the new Carnaby location are a little insane at the moment, since they’re doing 50% off everything deal for their soft launch (which ends this Tuesday by the way), so instead of waiting two hours in line for a two person dinner table (yes I actually attempted this), we decided to suck it up and book a 6 person table for breakfast at the Covent Garden location instead. 

We started off with their House Chai and Chocolate Chai. 

Left: House Chai; Right: Chocolate Chai 

Left: House Chai; Right: Chocolate Chai 

House Chai was too mild and would have done better with more spice, but we’re all for the Chocolate Chai that had a subtle hint of creamy cacao. Note: serving size is quite small...probably not enough to wash down your meal. Ain't a bang for your buck kinda deal.

Their Bombay Omelette. 

Three egg omelette mixed with diced coriander, chili, onions and tomatoes served with buttered bloomer bread and a side of grilled tomato. No doubt a delicious, generously portioned omelette, just not entirely sure what makes this meal “Bombay”…

Their Sausage Naan Roll

Shropshire pork sausages wrapped in doughy naan bread with cream cheese, chilli tomato jam and herbs, laced with traces of black pepper.

Their Egg Naan Roll

Same deal except swapped the sausages with two fried eggs.

Both flatbread rolls were spot on. Quite appreciated how the naans were baked fresh and fluffy, but their chilli tomato jam was the absolute star. 

Overall, highlights of this place include the classy atmosphere, affordable menu, polite and attentive service and their unconventional take on street food. Dishes do not seem very traditional, but we enjoyed ourselves nevertheless. We do wish we had diversified and tried more of the menu, so I do suggest testing their menu’s recommended orders because those seem to be the most popular among customers.

Note: Dishoom only takes reservations for breakfast and lunch. You can only book dinner reservations for a group of six or more. If you didn’t make a booking ahead of time, be prepared to wait because there’s always, always a line.