Ffiona's Restaurant (Brunch)

Address: 51 Kensington Church Street

Website: www.ffionas.com

Phone Number: 0207 937 4152

Tube: Notting Hill Gate station or High Street Kensington station

Bit my tongue, hopped on that expensive tube ride (ughhh when am I getting my student oyster card #help) and made my way to Notting Hill to meet up with a college friend visiting from her Copenhagen study abroad program.

Read only good reviews about Ffiona’s so we decided to give the place a shot. To make a booking you have to either call in or send an email request of the date and time. If done online, they’ll give you a call for confirmation and you’ll be good to go.

I was pleasantly surprised at how homey the venue turned out to be. Antique clocks, magazine covers and other knick-knacks are pinned to the vintage wooden boarded walls. We were seated and served water right away.

They offered us the daily brunch special, but we decided to opt for the brunch options given on the menu.

We had their Pesto Benedict.

Two poached eggs on top of their homemade pesto sauce, wild roquette and a side of hollandaise sauce. Though I enjoyed the homemade pesto, I will say I was quite disappointed with this order overall. It was hardly substantial and the eggs benny themselves were bland and unmemorable.

We also had their Sweet Potato Chorizo and Red Chili Hash with a side of Avocado.

Now this is more like it. Diced sweet potatoes mixed with spiced chorizo, roasted onions and tomatoes served with two poached eggs.

Highlights of this place include the quaint ambiance and Ffiona’s welcoming presence. Food was not as impressive as anticipated (reviews online were raving about this place), but perhaps that was because we didn’t go for their chicken kiev or their brunch special. Dishes were quite standard, but it’s debatable whether or not I would make second trip down to Kensington just for a meal here.