pen Hours: Mon-Sat Noon-11:00PM; Sun Noon-10:00PM

Address: 11 Henrietta Street


Phone Number: 020 3141 8810

Tube: Covent Garden station

On Tuesdays we eat sushi...lots and lots of sushi. Been craving Japanese food ever since I got here so my Danish friend who’s studied here for the past two years picked this place as our reunion dinner.

Brick walls, wooden ceilings and sleek gray couches with pumping lounge music make for a very modern dining scene. They get rather busy here even on weeknights so make sure to put in a reservation at least a few days beforehand. Servers are attentive and polite and I’m quite enthralled by their innovative (not to mention photogenic) dining menu.

We went ahead and got their Edamame Beans.

Great to snack on before main orders roll in.

We had their Salmon Ceviche Roll.

Freshly sliced salmon and coriander layered upon a roll of red onion, cucumber and avocado, with a nice touch of zesty lime marinade – highly recommended.

Their Gypsy Big.

piece sushi with seared fish, avocado, cucumber, chili and red onion, drizzled in spicy sauce, served with a side of ginger. Recommended to those who can handle the extra spice. 

Their Salmon with Coriander.

Least memorable of the bunch. We do wish we were more adventurous and had gone with one of the uramaki.

Highlights of this place include the fresh seafood, excellent service and chic ambiance. Gotta emphasis this again, do take some time to admire their beautiful menu, they really put work into it. I had a wonderful time and will be coming back in the future if friends from outside of London come to visit.