Open Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00AM-10:30PM; Sat 10:00AM-10:30PM; Sun 10:00AM-4:00PM

Address: 21-22 Warwick Street


Phone Number: 020 7494 9584

Tube: Piccadilly station

From an aesthetic point of view, there are plenty of apartment-goal-worthy brunch spots clustered all around London, but from a taste palette point of view, I honestly couldn’t point out a particularly outstanding place that I’d dub “my favorite”…until now.

Big fan of the clean-cut, all white interior design (bonus points for the brass antler hangers lined across the room). 

People who dine here seem to be regulars, all opting for the same dish. I didn’t hesitate to jump on the bandwagon and order their famous Shakshuka.

But words cannot describe how much I love this dish. Perfect blend of simmered spiced tomato sauce, braised eggs and creamy smoked labneh served in a sizzling hot skillet paired with two crisply toasted focaccia. Favorite brunch dish I’ve had in London so far, end of story.

Their Black Rice, Coconut Milk, Banana and Mango.

Sliced fruits layered on top of chewy black rice served with sides of creamy sweet sauce. Both healthy and filling – do give this one a try if you’re looking for something light.

But to summarize, get the Shakshuka…your welcome. 

I can’t count how many times I’ve arrived at a brunch place excited for the food, just to leave disappointed, broke and still hungry. Thankfully NOPI is killin’ the game and I’m so impressed that they’ve already got me booking three different reservations for more brunch in the next month. All I’ve got to say is, well done, that’s quite a hard feat to accomplish.