Chotto Matte

Open Hours: Mon-Sat Noon-1:30AM; Sun 1:00PM-Midnight

Address: 11-13 Frith Street, Soho, London


Phone Number: 0207 042 7171

Tube: Leicester Square

In honor of my friend’s 21st birthday we decided to hit up a Japanese-Peruvian fusion restaurant for dinner.

Trendy, modern and darkly lit, this place is bustling with chic youngsters in their late 20-30s (what else would you expect to find in Soho?). Of course we booked ahead of time for our table of 8 since we know reservations run tight here.

After reading the online reviews, I had extremely high expectations about this place, but within the first twenty minutes of arriving, our interactions with our waitress told us our experience would be otherwise. Granted it was a busy Saturday night, but we still did not appreciate our waitress condescendingly telling us we ordered too little and too slow.

Though the service was disappointing, we tried to focus on the quality of food that was served.

We had their Barriguita de Chanchito.

Softly, braised pork belly seasoned in nashi pear and yellow tomato salsa.

Their Asado de Tira. 

Tender beef short rib marinated in teriyaki sauce served with asparagus and purple potato. Highly recommended.

Their Pollo den Miso. 

Chicken miso mixed in yellow chili salsa, served with carrot and daiko.

Their 4 Piece Aburi. 

Tuna yuzu, aubergine miso, turbot and salmon, which are flamed at the table in front of you.

Their 4 Piece. 

Includes tuna, scallop, salmon and yellowtail. All fresh, all worth the wait.

Their Sake Dragon Roll. 

Freshly cut 8-piece roll of salmon and avocado. Highly recommended.

Their Vegetable Roll.

Beautifully presented vegetarian option.

In general, the seafood at Chotto Matte are all freshly served, the meats are nicely grilled and marinated and the rolls are made ever so delicately. However, our encounter with the waitress was a bit unsettling so I hope it was just a one-time deal. On a brighter note, Chotto Matte is working with an iPhone app called Velocity, where as long as you download the app and pay through it, you can manage to deduct £10 from your bill! Honestly, I would love to bring friends back for the food next time, especially since the Velocity app is a great deal, but I would only be willing to do so if the customer service gets a reboot.