Duck & Waffle (Lunch)

Open Hours: Daily 27/4 *note: different menus for different times of the day 

Address: 110 Bishopgate, London EC2N 4AY

Phone Number: 203 640 7310


Tube: Liverpool Station 

Old friends coming into town call for a 40th floor meal with good food and good conversation. Told you I’d be back again and this time I’ve got the Duck & Waffle on my mind…

Everyone knows a good meal start with…lots and lots of carbs. We had the Rosemary & Garlic Bread.

Knew it was our order when the aroma wafted our way. Fluffy ol’ thing isn’t it? Came warm right out of the oven sprinkled with rosemary, garlic and salt. Highly recommended.

Their Goat Faggot.


British version of a meatball, which in this case is made of minced goat meat – nothing too special in my opinion, but I was a fan of the marjoram sauce.

And of course for the grand finale I finally, finally had their Duck & Waffle.

Ughhhhhh, perfectly golden waffle served with a leg confit (crispy outer skin with tender meat within that slide right off the bone) and duck egg over easy paired with mustard maple syrup. One of my favorite dishes in London so far – no wonder the restaurant’s named after this dish.

Overall highlights of this trip include the never failing view of this place (can’t/won’t get over the panoramic windows), the staff that was attentive as always and of course, their famed Duck & Waffle. Be aware that they do have a new online booking policy where you must leave your credit card info with them so a no-show without warning will cause penalty of £20/person. But besides that little change, everything is just as great as it was last time I came.