Open Hours: Mon-Fri 12:00-11:00PM; Sat 10AM-11:00PM; Sun 10:00AM-6:00PM

Address: 10 Paddington Street

Website: www.opso.co.uk

Phone Number: 07487 5088

Tube: Baker or Bond Street station

How to deal with exam stress? Easy. Take your camera, extra stretchy yoga leggings and your equally-as-stressed-out-friends and run to a brunch place far, far away…or at least as far as Bond Street.

OPSO has been high on my radar for brunch and it only took me, oh I don’t know, a whole year to come check it out? But you must forgive me, there’s just so much to eat in London and so little time.

This place serves modern Greek fusion mezze dishes for everyone to share. Indeed, we barely noticed the judgment around us as we ordered plate after plate after plate.

Koulouri Bread 

Traditional Grecian milk bread right out of the oven, covered in sesame seeds served with thick fresh goat’s curd. Paired very nicely with the other dishes.

Eggs & Chips

Pleasantly surprised at how much I loved their spin on the English version. Thick, crispy fries baked with creamy feta cheese, gooey egg and sprinkled in zesty tomato jam (favourite part) – highly recommended.

Homemade Granola 

Greek yogurt topped with oats, hazelnut, chilled blueberries, pomegranate seeds drizzled with thyme honey. Was especially pleased with the toasted oats that had a hint of graham cracker crumble – not to mention presentation was 100%. Definitely recommended.


Toasted pita bread stuffed with pork belly, tomatoes and red onions drizzled in tzatziki sauce. The bread came burnt and the taste was a bit underwhelming (we’ve had better in Greece) so we'll pass on this one.


Generous slice of their savoury, handmade bacon leek pie that crumbled in our mouths – we recommend either this one or their Spanakopita, which has spinach and feta.

Salmon Burger 

How cute is that? Even comes in its own little "take out" box. 

How cute is that? Even comes in its own little "take out" box. 

You don’t know the meaning of a “mini” burger till you’ve seen this one. While there are plenty of fish in the sea, this one’s caught my heart. Grilled salmon fillet spread with tomato jam and aioli mayo, sandwiched between two squid ink buns. Though too small in serving size, I honestly couldn’t pass up ordering this cutie.

Vegetable Sandwich 

Grilled zucchini, aubergine, red onions and red peppers paired with tomato jam, sandwiched between two toasted koulouri bread. One of my favorite orders because they toasted the two sides of the bread until warm and crispy. Even kind of reminds me of a New York bagel...

Now, by this time we had finished everything on the table. But of course, being us, it was either a) go home and study or b) order more and eat. I think you know what we chose to do…

OPSO Pancake 

Now if you’re feeling mad broke or none of my food photos have impressed you until this point, then please do me one favour if you go. For your own sake, order their OPSO pancake because I’m not a natural-born-pancake-die-hard-fan, but this was worth the hype. The chilled blueberries sprinkled ontop the cream cheese and organic strawberry jam paired perfectly with the golden-brown fluffy, but consistently chewy pancake. Order and have #noregrets

Overall, this is officially one of my favourite brunch destinations in London. Do make an effort to book for their brunches on the weekend because I do believe that’s the only time they’ll serve options like the pancake and granola (so worth man). My only regret is finding this place so late when I only have a month left before leaving for my internship, but always better late than never. OPSO, I will definitely be back for you after I stop drowning in exams. And the next time I come, I aim to eat till I'm broke.