Address: 33 Roland Gardens


Phone Number:  +44 20 7370 6701

Tube: Gloucester Road Station

Was quite intrigued when a friend of mine told me about Blakes’ brunch in their famous birdcage and thought I would have to see it for myself.

Since exams are around the corner, we decided it would be most productive if we went for breakfast and then went straight to studying.

Their Mint & Ginger Tea.

Their Full English Breakfast.

Eggs over toast with sausages, bacon and baked beans. While the eggs were fluffy, we thought the sausage and bacon were too oily and over salted.

Their Brazilian Acai with Banana and Popped Spelt

Extremely disappointing. Portion was ridiculously small with a few slices of banana and spelt that tasted a bit stale not to mention the acai was blended too watery.

Their birdcage. 

Needless to say, we were not impressed with their food. Though I’ll admit, sitting in their birdcage with strings of dangling flowers was quite an experiencing. While the ambiance was beautiful and the service was prompt, I won’t be coming back again for a meal anytime soon. 

PS: If you'd like to sit in the birdcage, remember to phone them a few days in advance to request it. If no hotel guest is using it, they would be happy to give the seats to your party.