San Francisco Adventures Part 1

One week with my best friend in San Francisco = nonstop eating and exploring. Decided to document all our activities in hopes that any of you who are making a pitstop at SF will find these posts useful as to where to eat/what to do here. 

Bright and early we climbed out of bed and took the cable car from Powell & Hyde to the Fisherman's Wharf. You can buy roundtrip tickets for $12. 

From there, we rented bikes from San Francisco Bicycle Rentals at Fisherman's Wharf. Tip: if you book in advance online here (no commitment required), you can get 20% off. We paid $24 each for the Comfort Hybrid to ride all day and promised to have them returned by 8PM (though I would recommend renting the mountain bikes because it'll make the steeper hills easier to climb).  Service was great and they really put in the extra effort to take care of you - gave us maps, tips and adjusted the seats for us. The guy working at the desk even helped us get returning ferry tickets with a discount. Would definitely recommend renting from them if you want to do a whole day biking trip around this area. 



We rode our bikes to Presidio Park where we stopped and grabbed a quick bite to eat at the Warming Hut, a small cafe that sells baked goods, coffee, sandwiches and souvenirs. Food is alright, but it's a good place to rest and chat away from the chilly weather.  

Warming Hut's Blueberry Scone 

Warming Hut's Blueberry Scone 

Next, we biked across the Golden Gate Bridge and made a pitstop at Sausalito. Saw a long line for Lappert's Ice Cream so decided to join the bandwagon. We opted for the macadamia and coffee. 

Solid choices. Licked away our ice creams as we sat on the dock and watched the view. 

When it hit 4:30PM, we took the Ferry back to Fisherman's Wharf and just so happened to walk by Boudin Bakery. Heard too much about this place from my friends so I just couldn't resist getting one of their soughdour soup bowls. We got the Rustic Tomato Soup Bowl.

Hello carbs, hello happiness! Creamy and dreamy soup with freshly baked sourdough bread. Not gonna lie, kind of wish we tried one of their unusually large shaped animal breads as well...

Walked around the pier and ended up at a marketplace where we bought the Crab and Shrimp combo with cocktail sauce. 

Not gonna lie, I've had better. Probably worth more finding a restaurant to eat at rather than the marketplace. 

Afterwards, we took the cable car home, but the wait was almost an hour. Keep in mind that you can probably get back to your hotel by taking the local bus (costs 75cents for those who are 17 and under) or you can walk to Embarcadero station and BART back (though the walk is a bit longer). 

Got home and took a nice lonnnnngggg shower. Forgot how cold it could get in SF, especially at night. Do remember to bring a jacket when you're out exploring!