La Colombe

Open Hours: Mon-Fri 7:30am-6:30pm; Sat-Sun 8:30am-6:30pm

Phone number: 212 625 1717

Price Range: $5-$10

Address: 400 Lafayette 


Station: 4, 6, 6X, N, R, B, D, F, M

Fact: Spring break does not = no finance homework. This afternoon was spent at a busy coffee shop waiting for a friend at a meeting while catching up on some work.

With tall window panels facing the busy streets of Lafayette, white ivory walls, elegantly carved ceilings and dark wooden oak tables, La Colombe is a rather modern, yet minimalistic café located a little outside SoHo. The spread of the place is rather interesting with the coffee brewery and cash register situated in the center of the shop and the customer line snaked around the square counter. Speak easy music drifts in the background as people chatter away about their Friday night recaps and discuss their plans for the upcoming week.

Customers who frequent here know that there is no real menu provided. If you are in the know, your regular order is probably already a reflex. Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt to ask the cashier if they serve green tea latte, no one will judge – kind of. There’s a small selection of pastries displayed in a glass case next to the cash register, but besides that, drinks are really their main focus.  

My friend quickly ordered her Skim Latte to go. 

I was lucky enough to snag a seat towards the back and ordered my Latte for here. 

Honestly, one of the best coffees I’ve had in New York – latte went down smooth, chocolate-y and rich. Elegant latte art is served in delicate Chinese porcelain coffee cups. Spent a good half hour just holding the cup in my palm in attempts to warm up from the cold trek outside. I highly recommend to get their coffee – really, any coffee they serve here will do.

Lastly, we got their Almond Croissant. 

Winner. Heated until crispy and flaky. Go ahead and order this, you can’t go wrong.

Those in a hurry to go can take their espressos at the counter. Others are just sprawled around the place scribbling away in their journals or chit-chatting with friends. Keep in mind this place is limited in seating, there is no wifi and it is rather noisy for a study place. However, the highlights in my opinion really outweigh the cons. Coffee lovers will love the high quality, relatively standard priced coffees and the pastries (although little in variety) do not disappoint. Guess I better know my order off the top of my head because I plan on becoming a regular.