Pocha 32

Open Hours: Sun-Wed 5:00PM-3:00AM; Thurs-Sat 5:00PM-5:30AM

Phone Number: 212 279 1876

Price Range: $10-$20

Address: 15 W 32nd Street (2/F) 

Website: www.pocha32nyc.com

Station: B, D, F, M, N, Q, R, 4, 6, 6X, 1, 2, 3

There’s really only one cure to -7C degrees weather: Korean army stew. Fancy food? Not a chance. Satisfying? You bet.

Took a trip to Potcha 32 for army stew last time I was here and it made enough of an impression for me to make a second trip this time around. Note that this gem of a place is really a hole in the wall, rather easy to miss and goes unnoticed for those who don’t know about it. Enter the door and head up the narrow staircase to get into the restaurant and be sure to put your name down ASAP because there will definitely be a waitlist for dinner.

Luckily for us, we had a smaller party so we found ourselves seated within 20minutes around a tin table with foldable chairs (told ya it wasn’t fancy) and Korean music playing in the background. The small-enclosed space is covered wall to wall with green fishing nets intertwined with chopstick cover written notes and red, blue and green twinkle lights. Nets are strung on the ceilings with bottle caps tied to dangle down. Some might find this place tacky, but I think it gives off a rather cozy vibe. 

Since we were starving, we got right down to business and ordered the Boodae Jungol. 


Stew came with kimchi, spam, hotdog, pork, ramen noodles, rice cake, mushrooms, veggies (you can ask them to remove the cheese). Loved every spicy bite of this.

We also got a dish of Busut Bulgogi. 

Can’t ever go wrong with bulgogi, right? Comes with beef, mushroom, onions and broccoli covered in garlic and soy sauce. Highly recommended. 

Right in the heart of K-Town, Pocha 32 has won the hearts of many (including mine). Make the trip down here if you’re looking to stay warm with some Korean hotpot and bring good company along with you. PS: heard their watermelon soju is a must if you’re of age.