La Palapa

Open Hours: Mon-Fri 12:00PM-12:00AM; Sat-Sun 11:00AM-12:00AM  

Phone Number: 212 777 2537

Price Range: $20-25

Address: 77 St. Marks Pl


Station: L 1 Ave; 4, 6, 6X Astor Pl; F 2Ave

High school reunion = good food, good company. After a long day of furniture shopping at Bed Bath Beyond (long story), we decided to hit up one of our favorite Mexican joints in East Village.

Outdoor seating is nice if weather permits where you can chat with friends or people watch as you sip your mojito. Indoor seating is more romantic, with dim lighting and traditional Mexican interior décor.

We started off our order with Guacamole y Totopos as our appetizer.

Chips were crispy and unsalted. The guac was to die for – especially thick and creamy with a touch of lime. Probably one of the best I’ve had in New York so far.

 Next we all ordered our own individual plates of quesadillas and tacos. What we love about this place is the variety of fillings of which you can mix and match. Fillings can include Al Pastor de Pork (Chile rubbed pork), Tinga de Pollo (chipotle BBQ chicken), Camarones (shrimp with poblano) and Chorizo (Chile guajilo sausage).

 We had the Quesadillas with Bistec and Tinga de Pollo.

 Cheesy quesadillas filled with char-grilled marinated skirt steak and Chile chipotle barbecued chicken. Meat was juicy and well flavored; three types of cheeses used include homemade queso fresco, cotija anejo and Monterey jack cheese. Portions look deceivingly small, but are actually quite filling

We also had Tacos with Chorizo and Hongos.  

The corn tortillas were a bit too dry, but the Chile guajillo sausage filling was on point. The mushrooms with garlic and epazote  filling was standard.

Overall, the highlights of this place include the zesty ambiance, the killer homemade guacamole and the diverse taco/quesadillas fillings. Do make sure you call for reservations if you plan on coming after 7PM because the place just gets more and more packed the later it gets.