ABC Kitchen

Open Hours: Mon-Fri 12:00PM-3:0PM and 5:30PM-10:30PM; Sat-Sun 11:00AM-3:00PM and 5:30PM-10:00PM

Phone Number: 212 475 5829

Price Range: $30-40

Address: 35 E 18th Street


Station: N, Q, R; L; 4, 5, 6, 6X Union Sq

One month – that’s how long in advance we booked our reservations for this restaurant to ensure we had a table for four. Good thing we did too because the line for this place started before doors even opened and those who didn’t have seats were forced to eat at the bar.

What once was just a trendy furniture store is now a creative collaboration between ABC Carpet & Home and Jean-George, where guests can grab a classy meal before tossing in the bill and browsing through the furniture selection. Upon entering the place which was already crowded by 12PM, I instantly fell in love with their famous interior décor. A variety of uniquely crafted mismatched chandeliers and wispy wired single light bulbs dangle from the crisscrossed cabin-like wooden beam ceilings. Brick walls are painted white and simplistic flower arrangements are placed around the space within tall, thin vases to mimic Kenzo fragrance bottles. Modern lounge music casually floats through the air as people sit down to chat while waiters donning plaid shirts scurry between the kitchen and their tables.

Our waiter started us off with a basket of bread.

Having been so excited to try this place, we had already searched up what we wanted to order the night before. We ordered the Pretzel Dusted Calarmi with Marinara and Mustard Aioli as our appetizer.

Crispy on the outside with only a hint of seafood aftertaste. We liked the proportion of less flour, more squid and how the sauces were mild, but memorable.

Next we ordered the Line Caught Tuna Sashimi marinated with Ginger and Mint.

Sashimi was fresh and went down quite lightly. Slight mint flavoring was a nice touch.

We heard a lot about their whole wheat pizzas so we decided to try their Asparagus and Bacon Pizza.

Three words: did not disappoint. Loved how the bacon was cooked to a crisp sprinkled with black pepper and the crust was toasted until crunchy. The blend of ricotta and parmesan made the cheese creamy and thick – we can see why it’s been all the hype. Highly recommend to those of you who love gourmet pizza. Note: this pizza has a generous portion of asparagus so you may want to opt for another topping if this vegetable isn’t your favorite. We suspect any of the other pizzas will be just as mouthwatering. 

Next we had the Veggie Burger.

Wrapped in a whole wheat pocket pita, the veggie patty is thick and crunchy – texture is much like a falafel. The real showstopper was the accompanying minted yogurt sauce that was distinct, yet light and zesty. Would recommend, especially for the yogurt sauce.

Last, we had the Ricotta and Farm Egg Raviolo.

I was rather surprised that there was actually only one raviolo, but quality over quantity right? We were delighted with the sunny farm egg that oozed out of the pasta paired with the soft marinated pork ragu sprinkled with ricotta, sage and parmesan that melted in your mouth. What can we say? Licked this plate clean and we’re sure you will too.

Overall, the highlights of this restaurant include the classy, yet quirky modern interior design, the rather affordable prices for such an upscale restaurant, the casual yet refined ambiance, the attentive staff and of course, the variety of fresh fusion dishes their menu has to offer. We love their commitment to crafting and serving aesthetically pleasing entrees that are free of pesticides, hormones and synthetic fertilizers as well as their pledge towards environmental sustainability. Jean-George in NYC has yet to disappoint me so I guarantee your party of guests will leave feeling full and satisfied with their culinary as well as creative adventure at ABC.  

ABC Carpet & Home section in the back of the restaurant. 

ABC Carpet & Home section in the back of the restaurant.