Standing Sushi Bar (Shibuya)

Phone Number: 5428 4851

English Address: 2-9-1 Dongenzaka Shibuya-ku


*Note: Cash only

When in doubt, order sushi…lots and lots of sushi, then loosen your belt and order some more. Found ourselves in this little joint in the heart of Shibuya with customers frequently scurrying in and out. The name says it all – simple, no BS place where you stand, they make, you eat, they smile, you pay, they bow and you leave a happy camper.

We started off with their Yaki-Salmon Mayo.

Scorched with fire in front of you, the mayo melts across the lightly seared salmon. Definitely recommend.

Of course, we ordered their Salmon as well.

hick texture and chewier than any salmon I’ve ever had. Personally not the way I like my salmon, but may appeal to others.

Lastly we had their Avocado with mayo.

resh, creamy avocado that melts in the mouth. Highly recommended if avocados are in season.

Overall, quite an authentic place suited for those looking to catch a quick bite before heading back to the office (or in our case, heading off to our next foodie destination). Do drop by for a try even if it's just a few orders because the prices are extremely reasonable and the quality does not disappoint.