Ganso Zushi

Phone Number: +81 3-3719-5540

English Address: 1-1-11 Ebisuminami, Shibuya


Continuing with our cheap eats theme, we stumbled upon Ganso Zushi on our way out from sticky pics and decided to grab a quick bite. Here you’ll find all the staple nigiri choices served on small plates rotating on a belt around the sushi chef. Grab a stool and brace yourself.

We tried their Eel Nigiri. 

Ughhh mood: craving right now. Tender and delicate with a brush of sweet sauce.

We also had their Salmon Nigiri. 

Now this is the salmon I traveled three hours to Tokyo for – fresh and melts right in your mouth.

Didn’t have time to try out the other dishes, but this chain joint has definitely got a big A+ in my books. Do drop by for their quick and fresh nigiri served at extremely reasonable prices.