Phone Number: +81-3-3571-0677

English Address: 5-8-3 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

One of our most anticipated meals in Tokyo? You guessed it – unagi don (eel over rice) was on our minds. Called to make reservations at one of the oldest/most famous unagi don restaurants, Chikuyotei, just to find out that they don’t reserve seats. They’re popular to the point that people are lining up outside at 11:20AM before they even open at 11:30AM. Luckily we arrived early and were seated within a few minutes.

Went right ahead and ordered their famous Eel Lacquered Box.

Someone's excited to eat 

Someone's excited to eat 

Generous portions of soft eel slices broiled before gently dipped in sweet sauce and grilled until flavoring has settled in. Biggest difference between this unagi don and others that I’ve had in China, Taiwan and the US has got to the be the sauce, which is purposely made mild so that you can fully taste the quality of their eel. Extremelyyyy pleased.

We also ordered the Eel Bowl.

Served in a round bowl instead of a box, this set of eel over rice tastes very similar to the one above. Although slightly cheaper, I would still recommend getting the Eel Lacquered Box because it comes with more eel (might has well have more since you're here!). 

Simple, but quality stuff. Prices are actually quite reasonable for their famous "classic dish" and eel is definitely their specialty so make that the priority order when you eat here.